ABB IRB 6000
Newly refurbished robot
with dual channel safety circuit, and warranty. The IRB 6000 allows custom configurations to be built on a standard modular design, reducing the cost of installation, maintenance, and training. The robot system can adapt it's handling capacity and reach to suit a wide variety of application requirements.
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Turnkey Automated System
Turnkey solutions are available for all the systems we design.

We design and build automated systems for today industry needs.

Flexible Automation Systems
All successful automation system installations go through several phases of development from initial planning to producing parts on the shop floor. Robotic Automation can provide the services you need for an entire turnkey system, or any part of it. Tooling Design, and Project Management are essential to your success.

Press Shaft and Plate Automated System
We have done the electrical design, electrical wiring and PLC programming for this pneumatic robotic system. Click the picture on the right to see a video of this system in action.

Concept Design
3-D Solid Model Concept Design for the above pneumatic robotic system.


Robotic Systems
After a year in business we are able to build robotic automated systems. Our focus is to create...


As a service company we offer PLC programming and Panel View configuration. More info...


A successful solution starts with effective planning and analysis. We understand that each challenge presents numerous variables that...

Graphic Simulation

Using 3-D modeling software and Robot Graphic simulation software, we do complete 3-D graphic simulation...


Robotic Automation offers a wide variety of services. Click here to list them all.

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