Dispensing Robot Application
Robot systems are used for a variety of gluing and sealing operations. The flexibility, reliability and accuracy of the robot offer significant savings in material consumption and cycle time saving.

For this application we recommend using ABB robots.

Press Shaft and Plate Automated System
We have done the electrical design, electrical wiring and PLC programming for this pneumatic robotic system. More Info...

Robot Applications
This section describes different robot applications such as arc welding, spot-welding, material handling, and dispensing.

Arc Welding Robotic Application
MIG welding is a commonly used high deposition rate welding process. Read more...

Spot welding Robotic Application
Spot welding is a leading robot application. KUKA robots from the high payload...


Material Handling
In many industries we have lots of situations involving the transfer of parts and components.

Our robots can be very well used for transferring parts from a press to a conveyor, from one conveyor to another, etc. In the food and beverage industry products are to be picked, packed into cases and the cases to be palletized.

In warehouses and in post terminals there are parcels to be packed into containers. The robots can relieve humans from tedious tasks or replace special built machinery that is inflexible if new or redesigned parts are to be handled.

Today a robot can be used for a wide range palette of applications. In the future we can imagine where they can be used. Almost everywhere...

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